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Here are two highly successful Rubber Chicken marketing
pieces. Both are custom. Both are unique. And both
brought tremendous results to our clients:

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jde tips
Ellen and Winsor
Here's what Andy Klee, CEO of JDEtips,
has to say about working with Rubber
Chicken Cards.

Realizing that everyone on our email list of thousands of prospective clients probably receives over 100 emails a day, we knew we had to do something different to kick-start our marketing program. We contacted and engaged them to come up with an original email campaign that would catch the eyes (and mindshare) of our audience. The result was a refreshing, humorous email, and the day we sent it out resulted in the largest number of people to ever visit our website in a single day. Our campaign has been very successful, resulting in a 22% increase in sales of our software training
services. I will continue to use Rubber Chicken
to help us kick-off new campaigns. Another bonus:
They are great to work with!

Cast of Rubber Chicken Cards
Here's what Janet Attwood, author
Of the Passion Test has to say:

When Chris Attwood and I were about
to launch our book, "The Passion Test-
The Effortless Path to Discovering Your
Destiny", we called Steve Rotblatt.
We had just viewed his latest Windsor
and Ellen cartoon titled "I hate my work"
and asked him if his team could tweak it f
or our The Passion Test launch?
Steve and his team not only worked
quickly to meet our deadline, but also
added their own brilliance working over
time to make the cartoon perfect for our
needs! With Rubber Chicken Cards as part
of our marketing efforts we went on
to become a New York Times bestseller,
and, #1 on and # 1 on I highly recommend
using Rubber Chicken Cards to enhance
anyone's marketing strategy!!
Louise the Angel

Girl Scout Song creator testimonial

"For anyone who runs a business and is considering working with Steve Rotblatt and the extremely creative crew of Rubber Chicken for an Ad Campaign, I have nothing
but praise and appreciation for their professional, and inspired insight! Truly an idea on the edge, their
animation has the ability to personalize and deliver your
fundraising request, Thank You/ Appreciation or just a great laugh for your customers, board members or supporters at the best possible cost and impact per person! Their cast of characters and variety of moods and attitudes opens a vast palette of possibilities for creative, spontaneous FUN marketing! Besides the laughs, the special part of my own experience working with Steve was my own delight and surprise at seeing and hearing my company's message as told through Louise the Angel and knowing that my customers who viewed it would enjoy it just as much as I did! Thank you Steve and Rubber Chicken! Yours in Poultry!

CEO of Legend Productions Inc.
National Song Leader/Songwriter for
Melinda Caroll

This is from Keith Kravitz, CTO of
"Living Herbal Pharmacy"

I want to tell you in all of my years of doing e-mail promotions and marketing, nothing I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has even come close to the response we have received for your Holiday Card. I mailed out to 3 different lists and we have between 67% -81% click through. THAT'S RIGHT 81%! That is just ridiculously unbelievable response. I will be a testimonial for your business based animated cards anytime and I have the proof to back it up.
Kimmi the Juice Girl


When the number one
priority is return on
investment (ROI) our
animated products significantly
increase Qualified Web Site
Traffic, Conversion Rates,
Call to Action Requests,

Use Rubber Chicken
Animation for the following:
Viral Marketing
Brand Building
Customer Base Building
Member Base Building
Animated Corporate Spokespeople
Product Specific Awareness
Political Message Awarness

uses for RC Cards
Geeks illustration

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